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Obonjan wellness festival.

I wanted to write a few words about Obonjan, a few words turned into a few paragraphs.  I had read a few reviews about this island before I went there, which weren't the nicest.  So I wanted to give my point of view as a spiritually connected person.  A healer, a teacher trying everyday to live a more spirit filled life. This is a review for all the connectors, the facilitators, the spiritual, the yogis,  the ones hungry to learn, who are searching for something but they don't know what it is,   perhaps they didn't even know they were searching until after they found it here. Love. Hope, release, for their soul to be nourished and nurtured, support. It's not a party island, yes the music it

Self love with Rose Quartz

I am writing from the heart today, I feel awash with new emotions risen since the last full moon. My head has been heavy with self-doubt and emotions of not being good enough are rising to the surface. I think everyone can relate to that. Not being a good enough friend, sister, mother, girlfriend.. not being present enough, really present, like staying off my phone kind of ‘present’ and giving my family the attention they deserve. For me It’s hard when my business revolves around my phone and social media. I am trying to find a constant balance. I stopped yesterday to give myself some time, to switch off my brain from the millions of thoughts that run around constantly- none I may add ar

House Cleansing and Protecting

I visited a house in London yesterday to cleanse and protect it.  I do a range of psychic things, past life healing, crystal readings, light healing, I am also a medium so am often asked to take any earth bound ghosts from a building or land. Yesterday was an intense time for me, on the way to the house I had my guides come in and tell me that this would be a hard one, and that there was one upstairs room in the house the needed a lot of work. The house itself backs onto an over grown cemetery- and from the photos I had seen a lot of spirits there, and an oppressive energy from the place, trying to encroach on this families’ home and garden.    The spirits I saw in the cemetery were all eart

One of the Reasons why I am here.

How is your spiritual journey shaping you as a person? How are you growing and raising your vibrations? Because that is what we are on a quest to do, as spiritual beings in this Human body. What doors are you holding open for yourself and which do you keep shut? I suppose I am asking these questions out loud because these are the questions I have been asking myself recently. I have always had a million and one things I want to do to help people with their spiritual journey, but recently the pieces have been falling into place a bit more. Crystals are a huge part of my journey, to help activate people. I see myself as a mentor, an earth bound guide. I have not had any spiritual teaching f

Citrine. Sunshine Energy.

There is so much to do,  to say,  so many crystals to list, the trail of emails is endless but I keep hearing a voice whisper, just write... I know when I write I decipher the muddle of my mind.  My guides talk through the pen and I channel so freely,  ancestors, star beings, ascended masters.  I find the crystals that I select for my store not only talk to me, but speak of the collective conscious, and what people need right now with their spirit bodies shifting to higher vibrations. For so long I heard whispers of heart stones, throat stones, pink and blue everywhere.  I based my workshops in London around healing the throat and heart with guided meditations and gorgeous crystal singing bo