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Unlocking your Atlantean Connection to Crystals

& Advanced Protection with Angelic seals of light
4 Week Quantum Activation, Advanced Protection, Cleansing & Healing course.

With Quartz, Labradorite, Obsidian, Crystal skulls, Arcturian Elders and Master Saint Germain.


Atlantis was a time of exponential crystal technology, a time when we were bringing in so much golden consciousness into the grids with the star elders of Arcturus, that seeded Atlantis, as well as much wisdom from the many star sets eager to see earth flourish and evolve. It was a time of spiritual technology that the planet has not seen since Mu. We have lost this connection on this plane, but it still lives within our cells, blood, bones and waters, encoded and ready to re activate when the time is right.


After the Golden age came the struggle for power, it was a time the priestess/priesthood suffered, where their gifts were bound, experimented on and taken by any means, including extreme mental manipulation. The crystals infer-structure many of us helped create was dismantled, the diamond sun disks were destroyed or moved, and pure crystals were hijacked or hidden. The repercussions of this time ripple on and are really important to heal, witness and clear on a collective and individual level.


I have been guided by Master Saint Germain and the Arcturian Elders, as he guided my last crystals courses, through the path of eternal alchemy of the heart. To re awaken your crystals connection specifically through your time on Atlantis, where you worked with crystals to bring in such an incredible capacity of light to yourself and the earth.

Un-lock your deep knowing of crystals and the way you used them, through your Atlantean timeline and beyond, star lineages and ancestors.

Atlantis is a time from which we hold a lot of trauma. Many of you might shy away from digging through your Atlantean past. I have been shown by the masters a collection of very specific implants to remove in sequence. Implants and grids that are holding you back. As the collective energy rises and harmonises, it is time for those that are ready to take these off. The information is sensitive and not for this page, but we go into detail through the course. 

It is a deep light body clearing then activation, and that asks for commitment. On sign up you will be asked to complete a form of commitment to your growth. It is very serious and I understand will not be for everyone. It will shake things up for you, as there is an element of meeting your shadows and letting go of entanglements that have held and bound you to this timeline. Together we reclaim these fragments so that you can stand in your sovereign light and find wholeness.

To create and bring through this course and hold this space I have been through some deep initiations, strengthening my boundaries and core and witnessing the way light and dark moves. It is the combination of 10 years of extensive travel, clearing of the grids and holding the light, whilst witnessing darkness that many could not imagine, as to why I am doing this course now.  
My planetary gridwork plus my work with the lands and frequencies through Andromeda have stepped up. I am ready to shift into this new high vibrational space with you.

An overview of the focus for this

4 week activation and Cleansing course

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  • Working with Crystals to awaken Atlantean wisdom; including Clear Quartz which was a stone used as record keepers in Atlantis.

  • Exploration and teaching on Advance protection, with with angelic seals of light through the 7 layers of protection blueprint, with selected stones Obsidian, Black Kyanite, Labradorite.

  • Working with Crystal skulls.

  • Angelic vortex clearing and full light body purification in order to be able to reclaim your crystalline wisdom.

  • Arcturian frequency activations on the pineal and pituitary glands, third eye activations and release of trauma, throat unbinding and release of voice through all timelines.  Purifying and releasing any old teachers, past vows and galactic agreements and treaties.

  • Expansion in angelic light, reclamation of soul fragments, deep healing transmissions to ground and anchor.

  • Bringing confidence in your innate knowing and awareness of crystalline energies and how you have worked with them in the past, as we journey through Atlantean lives in and around the healing temples there.

In order to expand and bring back the crystalline technology to earth we must release these encoded implants and false grids we are carrying unconsciously. That were placed within our light body during the Lemurian/Atlantean bridge

Why this course, and why now? how can it support me?

As a Reflector in Human design, a translator of energies, and someone with a lot of Scorpio in my chart I do not shy away from shadow or the dark.  when I offer 1-1 sessions or group work it is usually purification and cleansing of deep set implants and cosmic entanglements of a quantum level.  Which is normally followed by a breaking of outdated contracts, galactic treaties and agreements between races. Recently I have been shown a specific set of implants holding a vast collective of light workers back at the third eye and throat I have also been witnessing a lot of dark magic ready to release through us and in the grids. This course we will address this in a very safe, and held container. You might even be surprised at how much your systems are holding on to that you had no idea was there.


Ask anyone who has done one of my courses before (see the feedback), they clear and activate so much, my first crystals course with Saint Germain was about purification for the first 3 modules, we have to move through those layers, emptying, creating space for the expansion. 

I smile when people do find me as often they have no idea that it's for this kind of deep cleansing, its not all sprinkles and light. And some people are not prepared for the journey that unfolds.  I often wonder why I see the depths of darkness when I feel so light, and it is because I hold a high quota of light and thats the balance.   

I have always seen deep layers of implantation in people or land, and over the last 10 years I have seen and supported the removal of many, last year was more focused around the Magdalene and Christos light and how it's been supresed.

This year I am starting to witness specific Atlantean implants in my clients, over and over. I saw the intricacies of how to take them off as they are very technical and advanced, staying hidden in the auras and light body until the soul has expanded to a specific vibration. 


There are 3 in particular we will be working to remove and if you are reading this I have no doubt it is time for you to remove them because they are binding your gifts and powers in a specific way.  My message has been that I have to reach more people to help remove these, and to empower the person to do it themselves, then they can go on to remove them from others as it brings them to your awareness.

These implants have been holding gifts of sight and sound frozen on the Altantean timeline, of which I believe most of us have had at least 1 life as it spanned hundreds of years. We will be doing a lot of work around your heart and above, the third eye and throat centre's. To open your inner Sight and voice.

Once we have moved through light body clearing and removal of implants and from false grids we will awaken your crytsal connection and relationship to crystals and crystal skulls which was abundant in Atlantis.  As a crystal skull guardian in Sirius, Atlantis, and beyond I am very excited about working with the crystal skulls with you. And I have some master skulls here ready to offer transmissions within the Healing temple of light we will create together.

This is a highly activating course of PURIFICATION and REMEMBERANCE  to really harness your light and re-calibrate specific Atlantean hubs on the earth through the crystals.


Together we will connect with your galactic knowing of the stones and bring it forward in confidence so you may offer it to the world, the next level...



We will be working with:

*Clear quartz

*Obsidian Scrying mirror

*Black kyanite


*Crystals skulls



And I am sure many stones will flow in to offer wisdom as we move through the activations.

change image with crystals


The nature and flow of this course develops and moves with the container of people and their needs, we will all becoming together with the same collective themes and wounds to heal. The sessions grow and expand as more information flows in, so it will include the rough framework below but also I am open to the magic and mystery flowing in.

As this is a serious light body clearing course it has asked for a cloaked, safe and secure container, one that I have started work on already, I am calling in a space holder to help guide and anchor the activation and energies with us.

9th November: Module 1 7pm GMT

Journey to the Atlantean Crystal healing temple, Crystalline activation to unlock and open of the light body. Advanced protection and cosmic awareness, accessing your Atlantean gifts, with a focus on the crystals. The intention of this module is the Opening and expansion of the light body in preparation, attuning to the containers high vibrational energy.


16th November: Module 2 7pm GMT

Focus on the Galactic chakras alignment, connection and expansion, Soul star and crown. Removing, cleansing and purifying the light body, sonic healing and activation from the Arcturian's and crystals skulls.


23rd November: Module 3  7pm GMT

Advanced Protection with Obsidian and Selenite, working with the seals of light on the 7 layers of protection blueprint.

30th November: Module 4 7pm GMT

Advanced protection- Focus on the third eye with Labradorite, removing, cleansing and purifying distortion from Atlantis.Re-grounding and anchoring, activations from the Arcturian's. The intention of this module is the reclaiming your crystal wisdom and ways you have worked with the crystals in the past.



one or 3 instalments


  • I reserve the right to consider and refuse any person enrolling if I feel the time is not right or aligned for them/us (better wording)

  • You will be asked to sign a form as a written commitment of intent to your healing.

  • Due to the sensitive healing nature of this course, it will be only recorded for the container and NOT for sale after. in this moment this is a one time course.

What are you recieving?

  • Crystals that will support you on this course.

  • Access to the course platform. The course structure will be a mixture of live and prerecorded formats. You will have access to all 4 recordings through the course platform. If you have not done a course with me before, everything will be sent to you on sign up.

  • Each weekly module will includee receiving activation wisdom and guided journey work.  We will be weaving in the crystals, sound and angelic/light language.

  • You will receive the Angelic seals of light (light codes) for protection of your being, space, home and land.

  • Plus you will also receive Fiats and Decrees of light for your spiritual development.

You will have unlimited access to these videos to continue to work through as a healing that GROWS WITH YOU.  You can therefore do these activations and meditations over and over and each time you will receive something that assists where you are at that time on your journey.

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Client course Review

"The sense of homecoming I experienced during Katie-Jane's "Crystal Heart of Lemuria" has been one of the most profound in my lifetime. Every word and sound uttered felt like magic. Magic tailored specifically for me and for my growth, healing, and transformation. Ideas, memories, and guidance I didn't know I needed to know, presented itself in such an exciting and intoixingly beautiful way. My heart continues to feel lighter, more joyful, and more playful daily. For the first time in so long, I feel connected to my soul and star families and can truly embody the fact that I do not walk alone in this lifetime by any means."  Lindsay, Crystal Heart of Lemuria

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