Country of origin- Peru
Chakra alignment- Throat and heart.

size approx- 4cm x 4cm

*I will hold your name in my heart and select one for you**

This Amazonite holds a very gentle energy that soothes the spirit and calms the soul, providing harmony and balance.

*The stone of courage and truth, helps wth heartfelt communication, to speak your truth without fear.

*Balances inner masculine and female energies, as well as aspects of your personality and energy system.

*Awakens compassion for others.

*Helps with buisness and work, creating new opportunities and possibilities to come your way.

*Is a blocker for Geopathic stress, would be good placed by any gadgets as it absorbs microwaves.

*Good to hold in your left hand or place on you heart when meditating calling it its cooling turquoise energy to align and balance your chakra system

Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Palm Stone