Country of origin- Peru
Chakra alignment- Throat and heart.

size approx- 3cmx 3cm

*I will hold your name in my heart and select one for you**

This Amazonite holds a very gentle energy that soothes the spirit and calms the soul, providing harmony and balance.

*The stone of courage and truth, helps wth heartfelt communication, to speak your truth without fear.

*Balances inner masculine and female energies, as well as aspects of your personality and energy system.


*The Smoky Quartz add's the element of earth and water, and really works to transmute any negative patterns, thoughts and emotions held in the body. it wokrs so harmoniously with the amazinites energy that then washes through to bring balance to the emotional layer. 


*Smokey quartz absorbs negative energy, transmuting and purifying it whilst returning it to your core for energetic grounding.

*It cleanses all the chakras and shields the aura, it’s excellent for strengthening your core.

*its good for grounding and re balancing, de toxifying and letting go of past hurt.

*Its really good for people who are prone to anxiety or depression, placed at the side of your bed will absorb anything you have attracted during the day, including any worries.

*Its vibrations are earthy and high, great for helping raise your own frequency in energy work.

*Works on the kidneys and other organs to eliminate toxins.

*It restores energy and shines a light on gifts that may be hiding in the shadows of your soul.


*Awakens compassion for others.

*Helps with buisness and work, creating new opportunities and possibilities to come your way.

*Is a blocker for Geopathic stress, would be good placed by any gadgets as it absorbs microwaves.

*Good to hold in your left hand or place on you heart when meditating calling it its cooling turquoise energy to align and balance your chakra system

Amazonite with Smoky Quartz Palm Stone