Origin of Crystal- Brazil

Chakra- Crown and Third eye

Approx size-0.5cm x 0.5


Soothing, stimulating, focus, success, protection.


Amethyst has long been attributed with stimulating, and soothing, the mind and emotions.


It holds the violet ray, which is a potent ray to help transmute and clear the energy body and space of any unwanted lower or negative vibrations.  Holding a piece of amethyst you should invoke the violet ray and imagine it bursting from the crystal to enter your body.  These are spheres so they radiate the violet ray in all directions, in gentle waves. This ability makes it an excellent protecting stone. It will hold violet light in and around your body if you ask it to and place a piece in your pocket.


 Amethyst is a great all around crystals for healing people, plants, and animals- dogs in particular.


It’s a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts. It helps bring forward old techniques, tools and methods of the past, it loves passing wisdom of the ancient ways. It has been called the  Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, the Inventor’s, Poet’s, and Painter’s Stones. so keep an Amethyst crystal or cluster in your workshop, work space or studio.


*Amethyst enhances your meditative state,  by expanding the higher mind, opening and connecting the pathways through and around the third eye and crown.


*A natural tranquilizer which will calm worries and anxieties. It is especially supportive of the emotional body,  if you are feeling overwhelmed, overstressed or overworked  it will bring you back to your center.


*It  will enhance your creativity and passion, by strengthening your imagination and intuition.  It helps stimulate new ideas and brings projects to fruition.  It's good for those people who struggle to bring through their ideas, concepts and creation into the physical.


Amethyst gridding chips

  • Amethyst is hardwearing, and can be cleansed using any method.  

    Please note it fades in direct sunlight so do not place this on a window ledge.


    *Crystals are not an alternative to medicine, they are to work along side and aid your healing.