Origin of crystal- Madagascar.

Chakra- Crown and Third eye


*Most Amethyst comes from Brazil, but tis is from madagascar and feels to have a lighter energy, a bit clearer, its  abit milkier which I like because its even more of a feminine feel, I find it very nurturing as well as protective.

*This stone magnifies the energy of other stones and offers good all round protection.

*Can balance all levels of your auric field, your emotional, mental and physical body.

*Good for decision making, buissness sucess, wealth and moving forward in life.

*Works on the emotional body to help with; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), calms any anger you might hold, grief and nerves.

*Enhances your Aura and self esteem, calm's the mind for meditation and spirit contact.

*Physically it is good for hormone balance, detoxing, hearing, insomnia, viral infections, the bones, heart and stomach.  Also easing the hold of addictions.

Amethyst Tumble stone

  • Amethyst is hardwearing, and can be cleansed using any method.  

    Please note it fades in direct sunlight so do not place this on a window ledge.


    *Crystals are not an alternative to medicine, they are to work along side and aid your healing.

  • Approx-

    Length- 3cm

    Width- 2.5cm