Chakra alignment- Root/base, all.

Size-approx- 9cm x 9cm


There is something about the spiral that is so needed at this time, for the collective energy, we really need help transmuting so much fear that's coming through, and fast. We need to bring in and welcome spirals of new fresh energy.  I chose these fossils for that reason, I love that these have chambers that have crystallized with quartz and on the outside you can still see the flashes of the red opalized finish (all natural) in the light. They call in that warmth and fire to help you transmute and then warm the energy body up whilst helping you bring in higher vibrational energy from your higher chakras through your crown.  I place one on all of my chakras in turn, as I do, I spiral my hand above it moving energy through, calling in the light to help my energy field process all the change.


*Ammonite holds the ancient knowledge of Earth within it. Gazing into its spirals can take one even beyond the origins of the Earth and into the structure of the Universe itself

*They are powerful talismans used for healing,  said to improve the flow of life force energy through you.

*They bring a renewal and fresh energies to you, which spiral into your energy body through all layers.  It's a wonderful refresher stone to use if your going through great transitions and rebirth.

*It is a very powerful earth healing tool,  Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force (Chi) within. Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies.

* It activates metaphysical powers and inter-dimensional exploration.

*It's a great karmic cleanser to work with.

*It represents coming full circle and knowing a place for the first time.

*Ammonite has the souls path encoded within it ,and it is a useful support for rebirthing. It promote structure and offer great clarity, especially when needing help uncover your souls true path

* It activates personal empowerment, converting negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral.

*These have an incredible protective quality, in which they filter out any negative or heavy energy, releasing it as pure life force energy. This process can remove energetic blockages for a free and smooth flow of chi throughout the body that spirals around each cell and within each strand of DNA. They are perfect for anyone who is starting on a new project, chapter or stage of life.





Ammonite-Crystalized with Calcite