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Origin- India

Chakra alignment- Throat and crown.

Size- 1.5mm beads, beads on elastic.


Calming, releasing grief, angelic energy.


Blue Anhydrite also known as Angelite, It is a stone known to help with communication between angels and guides and speak your truth.


*It brings the angelic plane closer to you for communication, love and protection.


*Its grounded and gentle blue ray connects with the throat supporting clear communication with spirit.


*It is a good stone to help channel and develop psychic abilities.  It, like all other stones can do a range of things, but it is known to help us to cope with grief and loss- helping us release and guilt we may hold.


* keep a piece under your pillow to support safe astral travel.


*It relieves physical tension and  reduces stress whilst helping you lean into forgivness.


*On the physical it is said to help balance the thyroid.

Angelite (Blue Anhydrite) bracelet- small beads

  • Disclaimer- crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or a treatment.

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