Origin- India

Chakra alignment- Heart, higher heart and crown.

Size-7.5cm x6cm


This unusual piece is has inclusions of green apophyllite which brings a very cleansing and purifying vibration to your heart space, when I saw it I felt it was this little lighthouse amongst candyfloss seas, it radiates such light, with real clarity and precision. in interestingly its frequency goes into the bones, teeth to be felt for strenghtning.


*The Apricot stilbite within it  gently stimulates the hearts inner chambers, circulating the energy flow with more ease, moving gracefully through any blockages.


*She brings inspiration, new ideas, new flow. its very feminine and will help you connect more with deeper buried trauma or emotions in your heart letting the apophylite cleanse and purify thise feelings that she can help them rise.


*This is a powerful purifying stone, great to cleanse and purify the energies in a space as well as crystal around it.


*Being a transmitter stone it can bridge the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, allowing for information downloads.


*I use Apophyllite  to draw out toxins in the body, placing anywhere on the body I feel need it. It draws those energies out and absorbs them so it’s important to cleanse and refresh its vibrations often.  It also gentle opens the aura for healing, holding it in its energy.  


*It encourages your intuition and is a great tool for scrying.


*It will help to reduces stress, anxiety and fears, helping to release negative thoughts and any mental blocks.


*Having very strong pure links to the spiritual realm, used for journeying and vision work. It will ground you in your body after and higher vibrational work.


*Wonderful stone for Reiki practices, as it take’s the client into a deeper state of relaxation and helps them be more receptive.

Apricot Stilbite with Green Apophyllite

  • This is a stone you can cleanse in any of the normal ways, its dense and hardwaring.


    *Crystals are an aid to healing they should never be used instead of medicine or medical treatment*

  • Approx- 6cm x 5cm