Origin- Mexico

Chakra Alignment- Heart and Solar Plexus.

Size- 8cm x 7cm


Halite is a form of rock salt, its energy is purifying and cleansing to you and your space, it brings in a cool vibration that is so soothing to the light body. Use hallite to help synthesise energies and integrate high frequencies, as it slows down the energy systems in a gradual way (if needed/ if you ask it to) so you can manage through the day and not be too overwhelmed.


If you have been feeling the need to hibernate and go within, she is the perfect 'rest' companion for you, and for your  bedroom space and healing room.  She will help you to switch off, an excellent meditation companion too.


*Working on the physical level of the body to draw out toxins, helping any heart problems, asthma, allergies and fighting infections. It brings down fevers.


*Metaphysically so calms the heart and solar plexus, working on the emotional level to dissolve doubt and any emotional wounds.


*A very interesting and calming energy to explore.


*She is also a self-cleansing stone so can be used to cleanse other stones around her.


**Do not cleanse her with water, or put it in contact with water, unless you want to break some off and use in a ritual bath.




Apricot Halite

  • *Crystal Disclaimer- Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of a course of treatment or doctors advice.