Chakra- all chakras especially Throat

Origin- Arkansas, USA

Size- 5cm x 1.3cm


This Aqua Aura quartz is highest quality A-grade quartz from Arkansas, USA, which is known for its purity and high quality quartz, It has been alchemised in the USA,  alchemised in the flames, bonded with Gold at extremely high temperatures.  When bonding precious metals with quartz it produces an extremely high vibrational stone it brings together the vibration of quartz and metal.  Quartz amplifies and expands the energy around it, the metal gets rid of any negative energies.  So it is a very powerful combination. There are many cheaper imitations of aura quartz on the market from China and India, I can assure you this is the real deal and the energy if you connect with it through the photograph, speaks for itself.


This stone holds the keys to the Blue Ray and Golden Christ ray of illuminations and ascension, which helps us walk our highest truth with all of the will of the godhead source/creator.  Saint Germains energy holds this stone as a protector and speaks of the alchemy of the rays /flames, crystals and sound being so key to our mass awakening. Bringing the focus of this ray through your higher chakras and into your heart to alchemise all fears around receiving and embodying love.  I often work with this stone point facing my crown in 3's to direct and help harness heavenly energies into my heart in a precisis, strong way.


*It's an accelerator stone here to propel you forwards through your spiritual growth and to take you up and out through your higher chakras to connect with cosmic consciousness.


*This stone has the power to raise vibrations, work on your throat to enhance communications of all kinds, it will help you speak your truth and see the truth.  It enhances speaking in smaller or large groups.

*Its calm loving energy gently assists growth and self-expression.

*It is known as a success stone and an abundance stone, partly to do with the fact it is bonded with gold. If you carry it, it helps you attract success and understand what is needed to succeed.

*It strengthens meditation and helps you develop your psychic tools and understanding, empowering and supporting you to bring a more intense energy to your spiritual development.

*A great protector from psychic attacks and strengthens the auric field.

*As a healer I use it to calm the emotions and emotional body, it is a good tool for distant healing because of its ability to send healing. It is also good to energize and activate other stones.

*It's also a good stress reliever, reducing and eliminating anger.

*Physically it helps throat problems, stress related and mental illness, anxiety disorders and immune system issues.


Aqua Aura Quartz

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  • This stone is quite hardwearing and can be cleansed any way that you wish