Chakras-Higher chakras/ Soul Star

Approx size varies- 3cm x 4cm

*I will hold your name in ym heart and the right stone will choose you*


Themes- Expanding Cosmic Consciousness


Im so excited to being this energy to the store as its a mover and a shaker, from someone who connects with the comsic planes clearly, this truly amplifies it and I would recomend it to anyone.


*Its energy is powerful, fast moving and bold,  It’s  a very high vibration that’s strong and unique.  You may have found yourself going through a lethargic, restful period of integration and healing or maybe you have been stuck in a rut and can not move forward as fast as you want to.  This crystal has come calling to tell you that it’s time to wake up, you have work to do with your stellar guides and they have some messages to bring you, so buckle your seat belt, no more living in the slow lane, this period requires some accelerated connection to all that is around you.


*Astophyllite’s star-like energy, comes to you as an Activator, opening the crown but also working to the many subtle energy nodes above the crown that extend up to the Stellar Gateway chakra. 


* it holds so much potential to activate you to universal and cosmic consciousness and from experience connects you to the gatekeepers of the halls of Amenti and the cosmic reccords.


*Through this stone you can commune with your star families and draw them close, when working with it, large groups of oversoul energy come in to work with you and heal you. It is connected to the beings that brought through the ancient language of Vedic Sanskrit, steller energies to teach you, expand and awaken.


*It induces out of body experience (OBE),  in those that are ready to expand, it will unplug you from the false matrices of the 3D world around you, lifting you up and  educating you on a higher level of ‘being’ your highest templates and energetic make up are highlighted and brought forward for you to view.


*It’s so focussed on helping you on the mental field of your energy body, bringing its sharpness of the mind, its energy streams to work through cranial nerves, stimulating analytical and methodical qualities of the left brain, and then bringing those who are intuitive creative right brain thinkers in to balance with the left side more.  


*One of the first words it spoke to me was ‘honesty’ . It asked us to be honest with ourselves and what we want, and to be honest with others, communication is key. Clear thoughts and clear words.