Origin- Africa

Chakra Alignment- Crown and heart.


* Atlantisite is a combination of Green serpentine and stitchite, its a very earthy grounding stone for the third eye, to help you recieve earth wisdom from the groudn up, it has given me visions of you placing it on your third eye then placing your third eye to the earth to recieve a stream of light from Gaia.

*For me this stone is very special, it takes you up to you higher chakras beyond your crown, up to your stella gateway and gentle brings you back down to your heart and earth to become centered and grounded after working with it. 

*It brings the healing energies of ancient civilizations forth, Atlantisite, Lemuria, Mu.  So if you are drawn to this energy you have some remembering to do along these timelines, some energies to reclaim.  Team this stone with a fire stone like Fire quartz which helps you embody your power and strengthen your claircognienze, inner knowing.

* it supports your spiritual evolution, assists those who misused their spiritual powers in ancient civilizations. Helps in recognizing the right use of power and the true nature of spiritual empowerment.

* It purges and purifies the hara and kundalini energy, removing debris from old damage and negativity. Repairing the energy channels and repairs the energy systems.

*It is a powerful earth healer, it will bring peace to the earth, it undertakes earth clearing and re structuring.

*It helps you to work with the heart, to understand the concept and energies of love, and all that it brings.

*It brings energy for the heart, lungs, cramping, especially menstrual cramps, metabolic disorders, glucose control and diabetes’s.

*It lowers stress levels and encourages thinking before we speak.


  • This stone is hardwearing and can be cleansed using any method. 


    Please be aware that crystals are an aid to healing and should not be used instead of a course of treatment or medicine.

  • Approx-

    Larger piece

    Length- 5cm

    Width- 2 cm

    Smaller Piece

    Length - 4.5cm

    Width - 2.5cm