Size- 7 inch

Note-F note- Heart


Body- 99% quartz

Includes- Suede mallet and black '0' ring to stand on.

Size- height 17cm x 17cm 


I AM Soverign Aura Alchemy Bowl


This bowl is made of clear quartz- Quartz is a master healer, able to support all energy systems and layers of the aura.  It expands, aligns and clears the energy body and when played with healing intentions it will amplify your heart felt wishes. This bowl is alchemised at high temperatures with gold and Titanium, this is what gives it it's 'Aura' name. Alchemy is a process we do to create through out heart, we create through the alchemy of light and sound and within the flames in our heart.  And this bowl is all about the heart,  the note is a F which resonates with the heart chakra.


Aligning and resonating with the Heart chakra.

It is associated with cosmic awareness, highest spirituality, and complete integration with Source. 

It is a key to awakening and unlocking your true divine self. I AM that I AM,  A divine creator being. Its a way shower and graceful space holder, able to open up light filled pathways within and around you to show you the options and possibilities, travelling through many timelines to reclaim your energies and to heal.


It holds the purest vibration of love and a connection to the flame of 'Purity' bringing the celestial realms closer to you, the Seraphim and the twin archangel and archeia energies of 'unification'.  You will be sitting with the angels when playing it.


The rainbow ray is embodied in these bowls, joy, love and happiness, it is so uplifting and light. Connecting you as deeply to the elementals as the angels. 


Expanding and acelerating your ascension process, within the balance of harmony within your heart.

I AM Sovereign Aura Alchemy bowl-Heart

  • *I recommend you treat this very carefully, handle it carefully as they are easy to break,  When you are playing please do not strike it too hard, avoiding bumps and low temperatures.

    * When you play it make sure you set it on the black rubber ring to secure it

    *Try to alwasy put it away securely when not playing it.