Origin- Mexico

Chakras- lower-root and earthstar//ALL.

Approximate size- 3cm x 4 cm- they vary in size and shape.


**I will hold you in my heart and choose a crystal for you**


It always feels important to introduce you the the crystalline energies needed and speaking for this moment, and this stone is no exception, this is Black Calcite from Mexico- but its not really from Mexico, these pieces I have are not of this world, I mean it.. they don't come from here, covered in coding and etching, They are little super computers and transmitters of some strong, bold vibrations to bring such deep clearing. This stones biggest message is 'DELETE' it told me this so strong and clearly as I first held it.

Its time to delete, cancel and release old programs of control within our DNA, deep within our core. Bringing a currency of higher frequencies and unlocking coding in the third eye. It also wishes to bring deep release at the 6 portal points down the spine. It bring's attunment's to the Sirius star frequency, surrounded and over lit in Sirian High council energies. I feel this stone holds parts of their energy crystalized into matter. They are here to reveal the knowledge kept from us, they are movers and shakers, ready to blow some, strong, grounded, TRUTH into our world🙏🏼. Helping us to observe and detach in truth, be still and within our hearts. 

I feel their importance now more then ever as an energy to support, protect and ground us, a stone from the stars holding the balance of the heaven and earth within. They came to me a couple of weeks back, when I was bringing through the lemurian crystalline frequency and it felt really important that they work with and support these pure clear quartz energies energy’s to amplify expansion.

    Black Calcite

    • This crystal needs to be handled carefully, it does have the tendency to chip at the sides, please be aware.