Origin- Indonesia

Chakras- Throat, Solar Plexus and Sacral.

Elements- Earth and fire

Approx Size- 2cm x 3cm


The light of one. Druid. Tree wisdom keeper


Blue amber is the harder to find of the coloured amber-The greenish blue color observed in some amber from the Dominican Republic and Indonesia is actually fluorescence stimulated by ultraviolet (UV) light


It often has  an intense blue reflection in the sunlight. It was  preferred by chief priests for its ability to control air, fire and water.


Amber's energy is like droplets of warming sun, that wish to move through your body and coat you with a honey-like glow of love. It is a gift of the trees, formed of the protective tree resin from prehistoric forests, that is fossilized over millions of years. In essence it was formed by light and life.


The way it formed is a indication of the work it is here to do for humanity, a light of the golden age, a time when we knew our divinity and felt that close connection to all that is, we were unified and lived through the heart, it wishes to bring back the light of the golden ages through reactivating cellular memory, helping you remember genetic lessons passed on through your ancestry.


Supporting you in clearing family patterns. The ancient trees released resin to protect itself, to draw off disease and injury caused by insects and fungi, and to heal its branches. All of these properties hold and radiate to you. The light of its protection, the gift of renewal and the ability to see the beauty in your life.Its energy stimulates the cells to heal themselves, and supports tissue regeneration, as the tree protects itself from disease, Amber is a purifier that draws out toxins and dis-ease from the body, mind and spirit. It transmutes negative energy with its abundance of life force energy, bringing more energy into your systems.


Amber speaks to your Druid links, wisdom keeper lines and sacred protector origins. It’s time to dive deeper and bring focus to your ancestors, the trees are calling, visit some ancient trees for connection and downloads, they are waiting, and when you do carry the light of amber in your heart to assist the opening of wisdom.


A unifying stone, which will help you call in the elements in your body that need to come in to bring a balance, if you are working on feminine healing it will support in balancing out the masculine, bringing unity through yin and yang, through higher vibrational aspects of yourself. 


It wishes to connect in with your Solar plexus and Sacral to bring activation and new life, if you are on a journey to conceive it really supports the womb, warming, recalibrating and reactivating.


Amber is a wonderful stone for healers as it helps remove entities and seals the aural after healing. And those that are newly awakened it helps support their connection through coating their aura in light to protect them, whilst holding the space for discernment as you open up.


Blue Amber Tumbles