Blue Ray and Golden Unity Alchemy Singing bowl with light language portal etching and Custom Padded Case.


**To listen to the note/sound go to @andcrystals on Instagram IGTV stories and pop your headphones in**



  • 7 inch Handle Crystal singing bowl.

  • 7 inch Navy blue fabric carrier case. 

  • Branded suede mallet.


Holding the essence of the Blue ray, this is the 1st Ray of the godhead it will bring forward the spirit of truth, strength, power, and balance to your sound sessions and help you to unlock these themes within yourself and others.   It is a G note, aligned with the Throat encouraging  potent transformation and deep clearing through past lives, allowing you to honour your hearts voice and move more into the place of speaking your truth, living YOUR truth and not someone else's.


The angels move with the overtones of this bowl, Archangel Micheal stands close with his blue flame guard, ready to teach discernment and to assist in protecting the space when you play with it.


It invokes the 12th ray of creation, the Golden Ray that is the highest frequency of source light available on the earth's plane, connecting you with Christ consciousness and facilitating oneness with the creator.  Activating the Golden Ray in your field,  will connect you with the Great Central Sun, your higher self and I AM presence, creating space for transformation and spiritual rebirth.


Bringing such qualities as  peace, harmony, creativity and unconditional love to your sound sessions. It also balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within, bringing waves of calm to the solar plexus and to the energy body as a whole.


The light language design is a golden unity code,  a compass code that directs focussed energy frequencies and rays to go to the core of what is rising and needs healing focus.


Overlit and imbued with the energy Aurora guardians of the 7th heavens, they are units of consciousness of a very high frequency who step down through the Andromedan stargate.  These energies just add to the story that is created when this bowl is struck and played, the bowl becomes a conductor of the current just like you do and many energies step through when you play it to assist healing.


  • It is tuned to 432Hz- which is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, weaving and connecting cosmic healing powers.

  • 7 inch Quartz crystal bowl with Aura alchemy, tuned to a G note, this note connects to the Throat

  • 3rd Octave sound.


Key Qualities and energies it provides

  • Enhancement and healing of the Throat, creating new pathways of light through this energy center.

  • Finding your soul's truth, your true heart's voice and strengthening it.

  • Enhanced Angelic energies and healing


This bowl is unique, no other bowls are in existence that combine light language portals to focus and pin point higher frequencies and the rays and flames through.


Sound itself creates portals for healing, combining it with these bowls takes their reach to new levels.  The etched portal takes you deeper into connecting with the universal heart of all, opening you up to purest frequencies of love that already resides within you, expanding, clearing and aligning  to the cosmic heart. Bringing you closer to your heart and helping you journey deeper. 




Blue Flame with Golden Abundance Activator, Practitioners bowl.

SKU: blueflamebowl
  • Sining bowl total length- 34cm

    Carrier case- 41cm x 27cm