Chakras- Throat

Approx Size-12cm x 2.5cm

*I will hold your name in my heart and one will choose you*


Truth/Freedom. Warrior of light.


Blue Kyanite is a majestic and regal stone, coming through with a powerful and sometimes ‘forward’ speaking voice, it asks you if you are ready to embrace your truth? And not anyone else's truth, but yours.


Connecting with this stone brings Arcangel Micheal and his blue flame guard close, he is said to carry a flaming blue kyanite sword.


I find it really beneficial at the throat to help clear past life ties and trauma from the throat, around being able to speak your truth, and be heard. But it is very intense, so you might find it is only needed on the throat for a short while. 


It gets you to step out of the bubble of worrying what others are doing, comparisson mindset and other peoples projections  and expectations.


Blue Kyanite’s medicine is like a glorious glowing blue sword of light, its very formation is blade like in structure. Its energy is sharp and work’s in a cleansing way, infact kyanite is one of the only crystals other then natural citrine that can self cleanse itself, it does not hold onto negativity and that is a bold message in itself, it shakes it off. 


It cuts a clear pathway of light through all layers of your energy bodies with its blade-like energy, especially focusing on the connection between your heart and throat, allowing you to speak with confidence from your heart. 


Blue Kyanite