Chakras- Heart, crown and Solar Plexus.


How gentle and nurturing this energy is, if you tune in you can feel her gentle waves cascade over  and down through your heart.  A stone that wishes to bring peace and to support a deep unfolding of the heart, by holding space for you to slow down and calm emotions.  We often push ourselves so hard, alwasy busy, this stone comes to you to slow you down, to help you re focus on one thing.  Her white Aragonite stills the mind, with the touch of golden healer in there is enough to keep the creative sparks in your belly and heart be heard through the noise of your mind.


Pink calcite is feminine, shes calm and kind, she wishes to help you unfold into the love of the divine mother what exsists in your heart, she wants to nurture your inner child, holding space for her/him to speak.   She is a gracious space holder of heart energies.


A stone of compassion, softening the heart, the goddess energies of Kuan Yin closely linked to this stone, Kuan yin is the goddess of mercy holding the pink flame of compassion that you link in with when holding this stone to your heart.


*Rose calcite has a beautiful calming energy, it’s a gentle grounding stone, it centers my energy and it said to boost confidence, to give you a new way to look at or approach a situation.


*It’s good at clearing out old emotional patterns and increases personal motivation.


*A deeply amplifying stone and also a teacher, it will teach you to let go and provide that safe space and feeling to let go.


*It can bring you vitality, a boost, pick you up when you’re feeling down.


*I like to meditate with this stone close to my heart, I feel it grounds my energy’s through my heart and down acting like a anchor from all of the light coming down from my higher chakras.



Pink Calcite, White Aragonite and Golden Healer Tower

  • A- 16cm x 2.5cm

    B- 15cm x 4cm

    C- 17cm x 4.5cm

    D- 17.5cm x 5cm