Origin-Washington State

Chakras- Sacral and root.


I have a collection of these and holding your name in my heart i will be selecting one for you.


I really recomend working with these and rose quartz as a duo on heart and womb.


The sacred way these stones were found

A healer and intuitive has been collecting crystals since she was young with her family, on land that brings up veins of beautiful stones here in America, she was walking through the woods recently searching for crystals. When she came across a pocket of raw carnelian sat ontop of the earth, it had been brought to the surface by the rain, no digging. With the excited feeling of knowing she had found something special, as she collected only what she needed, she looked up to notice the stone where she had found these carnelian womb healing crystals from. It was naturally shaped like a woman’s Yoni (see attached photo), with stones either side like legs spread. The symbolic nature of how she was gifted these stones from mothers earths womb - for fertility/womb healing was not lost on this magical soul, it was a sacred moment. When she showed me this photo I saw elementals skipping around that lush green forest and Mary Magdalene (myself and the lady who found it are part of the Magdalene sisterhood with womb activating wisdom to share, again it’s so symbolic that we have them) and lady Gaia’s energy was present.  I truly believe lady Gaia gifted these crystals to us to be their guardians. I am yet to share my experience.

They have only been touched my myself and she, and have been washed in natural water.  Many of these stones have found there homes at fertility clinics, shamanic womb healers who work with others.  


They come to awaken the womb, to deeply clear through core, emotional layer, ancestral and sexual trauma and through the DNA.


The potent fire energy of carnelian is needed at this time for the purge of karma that is clearing from our timelines and the earth.  


She is a sacred energising and activation stone to give us that final boost we need and the fire element helps transmute all lower vibrations rising around us.


They are potent, I have never held such a powerful stone the energy is so raw.  As they sat in the sun to recharge I saw them weaving golden cords to the trees in my woods- talking to them, healing them. For these stones are true healers of the land +people. They come to facilitate deep cellular release in the lower chakras, particularly the womb- the divine feminine is rising all!- we must not forget the divine masculine tell me they wish to work to the masculine wounds too- brotherhood +wounded pride.


As I placed one on my sacral I felt and saw a fire course up through me, the likes I have never felt before it was defiantly linked to sexual/kundalini energy, Then I saw then connect golden cords into each cell of my womb scraping them out and cleansing at such a deep level.  They are as cosmic as they are earthy- very balanced.


They come with women on a fertility journey, any sexual trauma, all kinds of womb healing and re connection- in fact  many of the stone have yoni shaped markings. But they also are here help men find release of karmic debt, and for us all to re connect with our sacred sexuality so we can rise in unity.


Carnelian -Small