Origin- Brazil

Chakras- Third Eye and Higher chakras.

Size-5cm x 5cm 


This Chevron Amethyst from Brazil is a totally different energy to the other Amethyst skulls on the site, due to the land it came from. Its a much more bold and accute energy, going strate to the core and root of issues within the energy body to support deep transmutation of shadows, assisting soul retrieval and emotional (trauma) intergration. Yes this guy, as it is a 'he' is here for the work.


Planitary grid connector.

He connects to Sirian Star frequency and the masters of the light council there, as an amethyst he is very connected to fire to warm up and activate you. He has expressed a interest to work with metallic minerals with Iron in them to help ground in Sirian star frequencies to the earth, stone like, galena and hematite, bring metallic stones close to him when working with him as he has some deep seated grounding work to do with the earth


You can see she is Chevron amethyst which means she has white milky quartz and deep  red iron inclusions in, this helps you find the balance through lifting you high but still keeping you  grounded through your work together.


It has been activated and connected in a very concious way with the grids of the earth, crystalline and planitary grids within the Duddo Stone circle in Northumbland.  Here it connected with the Magdalene ley lines through  to France.


* Amethyst is a beautiful piece to have in a space, whether it’s your home, altar or your yoga/meditation area.

*It is a stone I use for protection, it absorbs negativity around you, but it also opens up your gifts and intuition. 

*Calms the mind and aids meditation.

*She can balance all levels of your auric field, your emotional, mental and physical body.

*Good for decision making, business success, wealth and moving forward in life.

*Works on the emotional body to help with; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), calms any anger you might hold, grief and nerves.

*Enhances your Aura and self esteem, calms the mind for meditation and spirit contact.

*Physically it is good for hormone balance, detoxing, hearing, insomnia, viral infections, the bones, heart and stomach.  Also easing the hold of addictions


Chevron Amethyst Carved Skull-Q