Code Keeper of Freedom 


Origin- Corinto, Brazil, Minas Gerais region.


**I will hold your name in my heart sand select one for you.


Message from the code keeper- I see, ALL of you, I am here to accelerate and elevate.


It is called the root of freedom because it is the mother to all lemurian’s, it is found at the root- the base of all knowledge.


 They are master crystals with a really high vibration, covered in etching and coding with the inside being so clear and pure. The etching acts like a multidimensional computer, giving the information you are ready to receive.  These stones have only started coming from the ground now as humanity is ready to explore this wisdom.  


Lemurian timelines have been healing and bringing through so much heart teaching’s recently, the crystalline grid has activated them in a new way, I find all lemurian crystals coming from the ground now are so much clearer and so pure like this gorgeous family of them I have.


It is a pure laser beam of light, I find when holding it you can access information and downloads in a very quick, clearer way. it creates a very clear channel for you to receive and it moves high vibration light to where in the body its needed, absorbing lower densities and awakening dormant cells and DNA.  It works very closely to your higher chakras and third eye, It’s time to awaken to a deeper level and these guys step up to take your hand.   This stone really is a way shower to over light your awakening through ALL aspects, and let me tell you gridding wiht this stone is a very good idea, it will bring such amplification and power to the group.


Their unique shape reminds you to live in more of a free way, to un bind constraints that you hold over yourself and to be more in the flow.




Code Keeper of Freedom Lemurian- Small

  • Approx- Length- 5cm x 2cm