Origin- India.
Chakra alignment- Heart, crown and higher chakras.

Size- 3cm x 3cm

*My favourite stone for cleansing and purifying, placing a piece of apophyllite on an area of your body will draw out toxins and cleanse your energy field.


*It’s such a clean, pure, the blue chalcedony stalctite inclusion adds a focus and clarity to cleansing the emotional layer of the aura.


*It enhances intuition, making your sense sharper and clearer. It’s a great tool to stimulate your metaphysical abilities.

*Magically, if you place this stone in a room to dispels and negative energy in the room, it will surround you all with uplifting vibrations of love, peace and happiness.

*it conducts energies and vibrations, transferring them and balancing you out.

* a good stone for meditation it focuses the mind

*Physically its connected to the lungs so good for any conditions there, asthma or any breathing problems.


Apophyllite Cluster