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Origin- India
Chakra alignment- Crown and heart

Approx Size-8cm x 7cm


Purification, inner child healing, calms and centers.This pink apophyllite has a sweet and gentle energy, deeply feminine with an inclusion of clay with adds to its feminine energy. It will tend to the bits that need mending in your heart and higher heart, moving its energy straight to the places that need more love. It will gently stir up inner child wounds to heal.

Apophyllite cleanses and purifies  the light body, by placing a piece of apophyllite on an area of your body it will draw out toxins energy, think of it as a hoover that will cleanse your energy field.


*It’s such a clean, pure, cooling energy that really cuts through any stagnant energy in the body and space. I always bring a piece of Apophyllite into my healing practice with selenite at the end of a meditation or clearing as it clears up the space.


*It enhances intuition, making your sense sharper and clearer. It’s a great tool to stimulate your metaphysical abilities.


*Being a transmitter stone it can bridge the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, allowing for information downloads.


*Placing this stone in a room will dispel any negative energy in the room, it will surround you all with uplifting vibrations of love, peace and happiness.


*It is a conductor of frequencies, like quartz is, it amplifies and attunes you to energy fields around you, bringing extra sensitivity to situations and subjects so you can be more aware of everyone's emotions. Do not worry if you are already an empath, yes you will feel even more but with that comes the added benefit of this stone clearing through the lower vibrational energies you may feel from people. Awareness and bringing light to situations is key, and this is what this stone does.


*It sharpens the mind and soothes the soul.


*Physically it’s connected to the lungs so good for any conditions like asthma.


I chose it for the store for its gentle stimulation of the higher heart, its a dancing elemental energy, coming in to work ion a very sisterly way.  


One for any of you looking to work on toxic feminity and wounds of the sisterhood, (feminine) held within the higher heart. It will It will simultaniously open the crown and higher heart, bringing through 'understanding' and more 'compassion' for yourself and situations.   It will stimulate your connection to Venus and the universal heart.


Peach stilbite  gently stimulates the hearts inner chambers, circulating the energy flow with more ease, moving gracefully through any blockages. she is a stone of 'grace' this is what she whispers.  She has a knowing and gentle energy that ripples through yoru energy field softly when placed at the heart.  She workes in unison to the higher heart and heart chakras for opening.  A young energy that encourages you to dig deeper, to explore and discover.


*She will bring inspiration, new ideas, new flow, its very feminine and will help you connect more with deeper buried trauma or emotions in your heart letting the apophylite cleanse and purify thise feelings that she can help them rise.


*It is a powerful purifying stone, great to cleanse and purify the energies in a space as well as crystal around it.


*Being a transmitter stone it can bridge the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, allowing for information downloads.


*It will help to reduces stress, anxiety and fears, helping to release negative thoughts and any mental blocks.


*Having very strong pure links to the spiritual realm, used for journeying and vision work. It will ground you in your body after and higher vibrational work.


*It is a wonderful stone for Reiki practices, as it take’s the client into a deeper state of relaxation and helps them be more receptive.


Crystal suggestions to pair with it.

Selenite Is a good companion to Apophyllite, they are both very cleansing and work to the crown, but selenite is a very femnine vibration and apophyllite is more masculine so the balance each other out, It's good to place apophyllite at your crown and selenite at your feet to cleanse the body.

Pink Apophyllite

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