Chakra alignment- Heart, throat and Crown

Approx size- 2cmx 1.5cm.


*I will hold your name in ym heart and select one for you intuitivly*


This stone holds Mother Marys energy, Its beautiful gemmy quality, so clear, and so pure in its energy. Some pieces have an inclusion of silver mica, which reflects light into your energy body during journeying, reminding you of your light within, the silver mica makes it even more of a feminine frequency, and really adds and lifts its energy.  This really is a special find, Its so activating and opening, pair it with any crystal on the body to open at a faster rate.


These pieces speak about 'purity' of the soul and how we can nurture our inner flames our hearts flames by working with the balance of the elements, water and fire combining in unity, the feminine and the masculine.


*they hold a deeply connected to the water, It is believes to be the treasure of mermaids and sailors carried it as a talisman for protection.  It will protect you whilst you are travelling on, over or near water.


*it’s got a gentle, compassionate and mothering  energy.


*It’s been said to be the stone of love, encouraging a love to come back to you and more of a balanced understanding relationship, with your partner and most importantly with yourself.


*A great stone for teachers, or anyone who has to present as it relaxes the speaker and helps open the throat chakra helping the be aware of their own truths and knowledge and helps them articulate these well.


*It want's you to hold it to your heart to bring peace there, to calm and stabilize, if you wish to work more with the divine mother and to suften and surrender more, this is a great energy for you.