Origin- Mexico
Chakra alignment- Heart and Base Chakra

Size- 13 cmx 12cm

*Green calcite is a new favorite of mine, its energy sounds like a hearty father like laugh, hes full of joy, and likes to remind you and your heart of the lightness of life.


These piece is very shiny and so chunky and healthy, I love the variation in colors, greens and browns; its so earthy, like a mountain peak. Its a bold energy that wishes to hold down the energy in your home or healing space, he will make sure the enrgies of the land you are on, are constant and tended too, flowing at a optimum rate to enhance healing work. Hes a true space holder.


*Green Calcite is a calming stone, it soothes the emotional layer of the aura that may have physically manifested, working with the heart to help you release the emotions trapped, when you are ready.
*A deeply amplifying stone and also a teacher, it will teach you to let go and provide that safe space and feeling to let go.
*It can bring you vitality, a boost, pick you up when you’re feeling down. Its energy is like a gentle hug, I also find it very grounding, centering my energy.
*Working with the heart to soften stimulating compassion and forgiveness.


Green Calcite- Large

  • This stone is crumbly in its raw state like this, so take extra care with it, as smaller pieces could fall off. If it does, it will not effect the energy of the stone in any way.

    It can be cleansed in any way.


    Disclaimer- crystals should only ever be used as an addition to healing, never instead of medicine or any treatment prescribed by a doctor.