Origin- The Rogerley Mine, County Durham, England

Chakra alignment- Crown and Third eye.

Size Approx- 5cm x 4cm


There was something about the chrisp energy that drew me to this little collection of Fluorites from the Rogerley mine here in the uk, I have added some phots of the mine and land they have come from so you can get a feel of the enrtgy of the place its a real fresh energy which makes all the difference to the crystals.


They have a special energetic quality that feels very angelic for a fluorite, and come with rainbows within, as well as a real earthing and grounding quality which feels very magnetizing.


*A beautiful stone to teach you how to be more compassionate with yourself, how to love yourself more and to bring joy into your heart

*The cleansing clear nature of fluorite brings such clarity in your heart and mind to help you through sticky situations of the heart.

*She's really protective and will really instil belief in yourself and your abilities, a real confidence booster.

*She works on the emotional body for gentle release and teaches you how to let go.

*A good stone to bring into your daily practice, it will transmute all lower vibrations around you so you can 'see' and 'feel' more clearly and un interrupted, it really does clear distractions and 'noise' from your energy body. Hold her to your third eye or heart and ask her to fill you with cleansing violet rays of light.

*Helps you see destructive behaviour patterns within you, and makes room to help you gently release them

*Increases intuition, confidence and strength.

*A great tool for empathy, to help others around you feel empathy and to help you create boundaries for your empathy.

*Brings calmness and relaxation in your energy body, absorbing tension and anxieties.

*Is a protector stone, wards off anything negative around you trying to manipulate you.


Purple Fluorite

  • Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine.