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Chakra- Heart

Origin- Brazil, lapidated and made in India.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size of beads- Small 3mms


​​Unconditional love, nurturing and compassion


*The stone of unconditional love, teaching you to love yourself, and to learn to accept the right love in.  It holds the pink Ray, which is the 2nd ray of Love. You can work with it's pink glow by placing it on your heart, allowing and welcoming  it's pink beam of love to flow into your heart and up to your higher heart where it will radiate, ripple through your heart and touch all that needs it.


*Rose Quartz is heart activating, it stimulates and open's the heart to love in all of its forms.   We often struggle with themes of feeling 'unworthy' , unworthy of love and care, when really it's what we crave, that connection and Rose quartz help you learn to identify those places you feel unworthy so that you can be more aware of your deeper feelings to be able to release them.


*Its gentle energy hold's, settles, and calms the heart. it's a master at holding space in the heart while you grieve, this can be physical loss or if you are on this path to awakening, it helps you shed those parts of you that you took on through other projection.  Through this shedding comes some grief and this is how Rose Quartz helps you. It teaches you to go within the heart and feel into who you are, and what you need at that time to stabilize your emotions.


*it has a soft mothering energy that will come over you in nurturing waves. teaching you the value of a compassionate heart.


*it likes to lower stress, balances your energy and gives confidence.


*Rose quartz is an excellent manifesting stone and will hold all your hopes and wishes if you ask it, it will intensify them for you and work on that intent with you, releasing it when it is ready to materialize.

Rose Quartz Bracelet- small beads

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  • Be aware of how forceful you are with the elastic, it may snap if put under much force.

    Crystals are an aid to healing the mind body and spirit, do not use instead of any medication or doctors advice. 

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