Origin- Mexico

Chakras- Crown, Solar Plexus



Crazy lace Agate always comes through as a warm, happy, jolly energy to work with, It comes to you to remind you to tune into the joy around you, in nature and within yourself. It aligns to the inner earth realms and is a dear friend of the elemental beings who are the cheerleaders of happiness, it wants you to ‘turn that frown, upside down’


Its full of optimism, that it offers to you, be optomistic with all the possibilites you have ahead. It absorbs negativity, brings grounding and stability through your core and harmony throguh your energy body.


It wishes to open you up to even more love and joy, it boosts happiness and laughter, helping you overcome darker moments of despair and depression. Through her layers she absorbs emotional pain. Any bitterness or negativity you are holding in your heart or third eye it will cradle you through it, helping you come to terms with why you feel like this.


Crazy Lace Agate Tower