Size- 50cm x 50cm

Handmade, hemmed and printed in the UK.

Material: 85 gsm 100 % Super Soft Polyester

Washing Instructions: Domestic wash 40°C


Spirit of Lemurian Divine mother, purity, peace, serenity.


Im happy to have these Spirit of Lemuria crystal grid cloth's in the store.  It was created to bring in New Earth energies. The colours connect with the Heart chakra for gentle release and invoke the energies of the waters, that cool calming surrendering, loving voice.


It makes a beautiful base for doing and giving card readings on, for creating crystal grids like the one photographed.  The sacred geometry connect's and enhances the crystalline energy of the grid.


 I like to tie my crystals or oracle decks up in it for my travels too! and then it doubles up as  a portable altar for outdoor sacred ceremonies.


You can find crystals to grid with in the 'Crystal gridding' section of the store and for guidance on creating crystals grids my book 'Crystals a concious guide' is also avaliable.





Crystal Grid Cloth.

  • * Please note that the colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product colours
    * Please note that this product is printed on one side, back image is a different mock up for the front print