This collection was curated for anyone new to crystals, It includes what I consider the 3 must have crystals to start your collection, and it comes with information on how to maintain the energy of the stones and how to look after them.


*The sizes of them vary but I have ensured that you get a nice chunk of rose Quartz and Amethyst.

Raw Rose quartz.

The ultimate loving tool, bringing in a soft nurturing loving energy to you and your space.

*The stone of unconditional love- This is a firm favourite to open your heart up and help you accept the right love, but also to help you know that you are deserving of love. You are worthy enough and you are enough- in short it is a gentle empowering feminine vibration.

*A wonderful manifesting stone, she holds wishes, hopes and dreams and manifests them with you, strengthening the intention. After all, all manifesting and seeds of change start first in our heart as a emotion, feeling or wish, we must tajke that light from our heart (that rose quartz supports) and plant it within the ground to take form.

*Its heart activating, opening the heart to love in all of its forms.*it has a soft gentle energy that will come over you in nurturing waves.

*She lowers stress, balances your energy and gives confidence.*She is a great teacher stone- she especially teaches you to be more compassionate.


A gentle protector, calming the mind, soothing and helping open up psychic senses. Beds direct energy in all directions.

*This Amethyst stone is a beautiful piece to have in a space, whether its your home, alter or your yoga/meditation area. it comes from Brazil, its got a high lighter vibration.

*It is a stone I use for protection, it absorbs negativity around you, but it also opens up your gifts and intuition.

*Calms the mind and aids meditation.*She can balance all levels of your auric field, your emotional, mental and physical body.*Good for decision making, buissness sucess, wealth and moving forward in life.*Works on the emotional body to help with; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), calms any anger you might hold, grief and nerves.

*Enhances your Aura and self esteem, calm's the mind for meditation and spirit contact.

*Physically it is good for hormone balance, detoxing, hearing, insomnia, viral infections, the bones, heart and stomach. Also easing the hold of addictions

Raw Citrine point-

The stone of abundance, bring joy, happiness, wealth, it sparks creativity.

*Citrine attracts prosperity, joy and luck.

*Known as an abundance stone.*Sunshine energy that can give you a confidence boost.*Stimulates, motivation, courage and leadership.

*This point is heat treated (the heat was added to it outside of the earth) it carries the same qualities’ as raw citrine, some would argue not as powerful. It comes down to personal preference, if you saw it and it lit you up, then it is a stone with energy that you need in your life right now. Always go with your intuition. see blog post I have written touching on this topic, 'Citrine, sunshine energy'

*It radiates with the yellow ray of light connecting and aligning your Solar plexus.

You also have a White sage smudge stick conciously and ethically sourced from India- to cleanse you and your crystals.

Crystal information cards and some notes on how best to use these stones to get the most out of them.

&Crystal's 101 Gift box

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  • The crystals will be approximatly-


    Rose quartz- 6cm in length

    Amethyst- 7cm in length

    Citrine- 7cm in length


    The rose quartz and amethyst can be cleansed any way you feel is best, be aware that if you charge amethyst in the sun too much it will loose its colour.



    *Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of any medicine or course of treatment*