I have teamed up with the wonderful Dani Noel, the beautful artist and creator behind 'Starseed Oracle', 'Work you light oracle' and many beaurtful tarrot decks.  


It was born of a vison and healing journey I had of Gaia's and the planitary kundalline flow moving as a crystallline serpent,  gathering as above so below in you heart and highter heart to bring connection to the divine mother and union of the self.


We have worked together to bring you a light language, activation print to work with harnessing the Diamond  crystal light moving through earth at this time.


What you will recieve-


*A beautiful A4 print (unframed) on high quality card.

*A  written 2 page guided 'Crsytalline Activation' meditation to experience with the artwork.



About this Crystalline Activation


These crystalline activations come in to help us remember our connections to our higher dimensional diamond templates that hold our crystal heart. The cell’s in our body are becoming more crystalline in structure at a fast rate as these higher frequency rays come in and our new light bodies are forming.  Our bodies are moving from a carbon to crystalline template, transitioning into silica and diamond.


It is time to wake up to the truth of our limitless soul, to wake up and receive the crystalline Planetary frequencies as they form a crystalline serpent in the sky with the crystal and diamond rays combining to bring enlightenment and love, to help us activate our shakti, kundalline flow within the heart. 


As we magnetize the cosmic flow of the crystalline serpent down from the heavens, the planetary kundalini flows,  it descends in spirals down through us. In union  we call up the flow of Gaia’s kundalini  as it ascends up through the earth’s grids and into us, ascending and descending in unison to meet in our heart.


 This is about reconnecting to the mother within us, and opening to her gentle flow,

We are mastering the balance of the mothers white flame in our heart with the fathers descending spirals within our heart.



Meeting in our higher heart, we merge with the sacred heart resonance that chimes in waves of sound so brightly.  It is a place of pure love and devotion and it’s accessible for all wanting to hold the vision of the new earth.


It is time to remember that now, more than ever,  we are the crystal, we are the light, we are the love that is needed to heal all.


Crystalline Goddess Activation Print