**These will be shipped  June 13th **


Numbers, codes and frequencies manifesting as color, vibrations, sound and sacred geometry are the building blocks of our Universe and our whole being.


I am so excited to present my new limited collection of Premium Grade tuning forks.


When creating this collection the pure sound and quality of the forks were so important to me. These are certified, high grade, aluminum, which really elevates the sound.  


Each comes with certification in the presentation box, this is what makes them different from anything else on the market.  Most of all tuning forks for sale are made in China and are not of the same grade or certified as these are.


Each is paired with a crystal I have selected that compliments the frequency, an extra element to open and unlock your energy system.


Each frequency was divinely guided  to support the mind, body and spirit to open, release, calm and settle.  They are here to help you on your healing journey to be that beautiful conduit and transmitter of high frequencies. As you align all blueprints and templates within you and the earth to the divine. And if you are a healer, to help you facilitate that in others.





432Hz - Earth Song

  • It helps in releasing stress and tension from the body and mind.
  •  It unites the body and consciousness with Nature.
  •  It helps in the release of serotonin and endorphins, which in turn keep the blood pressure and heart rate stable.
  • Helps in releasing the negative energy blockages and acts as a good sound healing tool to release toxins.
  • I love to cleanse my crystals with this tone, and connect it to the earth through earth gridding.


“Music based on 432hz will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. “

– Rudolph Steiner



  • AA grade certified, weighted Tuning fork in presentation box and sleeve.

  • A crystal that pairs with this tool to accentuate and amplify the healing

  • a rubber mallet 


Dimensions- 16cm x 4cm



  • Start by finding a quiet place away from any distraction, anywhere that you feel comfortable.

  • Next, you want to find a comfortable place to either lie down or sit.  

  • Hold an intention for healing in your heart, for example, holding the intent to  to open the mind, body, and spirit, and to relax.

  • My suggestion is to chime them to awaken the sound on the weighted end, holding them next to your ears first, on either side to breathe in the sound first. You can continue like this and it will help you meditate.

  • Just let the frequency wash through your mind, body, and spirit like a wave . Allow your mind to be open and awaken to the power of these healing tones. If your mind wanders  just bring it back to the sound. 

  • You can then intuitively move it around your body, scanning your body with it, or asking yourself 'Where in my body needs to feel this frequency'

  • If you would like skin contact, hold the tong in a pincer grip, chime it and then place the foot of the fork on the skin, you should feel the vibration.

  • I suggested  working with a tone for  a minimum of 15 minutes to allow you to experience the benefits over a while. You can also do it any time of the day and as often as you like, build a practice that works for you.



Presili Bluestone

Origin - Presili, Wales UK

Chakras - Heart, Earth Star

Aprox size - 2cmx 1.5cm


Access to Merlins inner earth realms.


Preseli bluestone, which is the same type of material used to make the inner horseshoe of stonehenge. It is a gateway stone, close to the earth and her inner kingdoms, acting as a translator for this energy, a wonderful earth healing stone to place on the earth to assist clearing of the energy of your land and space.


It has a Electromagnetic charge-that anchor's you to the core of the earth, and is a stone that is full of primordial and ancient energy come to teach you about the old ways, the ways of your ancestors, helping you link in with lives you may have had of Celtic origin, and lives in Ancient Egypt.


This stone wishes to help you to connect you with the work you are doing within the earth, it will help you discover abilities in Dowsing and Geomancy.  To draw your attention to the work you are assisting on the ley lines and energy points, within crystal caverns and sacred sites, a lot of this work is done unconsciously but it is now time to be known.


I call it a ‘Dragon stone’ as it calls them in, and brings them close so you can work with their elemental power for healing.


It is here to work with opeing your heart to the magic within the earth and your gifts linked to the plant and alchemy realm.

&Crystals Tuning Fork- 432HZ