*IMPORTANT NOTIRCE- due to the volume of orders, this box will be sent 15th December on any orders from the 10th.  


Diana Cooper and I created this beautiful box with the loving intention of supporting you in connecting with the angels in a more conscious way.


Theme's of  'Relationship's',  'Balance' and 'Inner peace' came through when selecting the stone's you are holding. There was a wish to open heart's and mind's so you can  find your peace  with the uplifting song's of the Angel's. This  crystal set,  including a guided meditation and attunement from Diana, will bring you closer to the Archangel's so you are  able to soar high in the highest heaves with them  to receive all of the love and healing they  offer.


The box contain's 7 crystal's that have been hand selected and attuned to the highest Angelic frequency.


  • The Apricot Agate  and Fluorite bring an opening and activation to the heart and mind.  They wish to support and strengthen the relationship's to your  Guardian Angel and your relationship with yourself,  helping  you feel safe , secure and at home in your body.  There are 4 Apricot Agate tumbles to use in an angelic crystal grid.
  •   Rose Quartz  comes to open and activate the heart to love, to be in the heart is necessary when connecting with any celestial being.
  • Clear Quartz  is your enhancer stone, opening and expanding your crown and higher chakra's to create a  bridge of pure brilliant light to Angelic plane's.
  • Angelite, the stone that assists a strong connection with your angels, increases telepathy, strengthens feelings of inner peace and envcourages you to walk your truth.


Both boxes contain

-An Archangel Chamuel attunement Audio file  by Diana Cooper which is downloadable.  *** PLEASE NOTE - Audio files will be sent on dispatch date via email.

-Crystal information cards

-Crystal layout with guided written meditation

-Postcard of Archangel Chamuel wth guided meditation from Diana on the back

-Hand carved Dar green/purple Fluorite Angel approx-5cm x 3cm (colours will vary)

-A.grade clear Quartz tumble stone , from Brazil, approx-2cm x 1cm.

-Rose quartz tumble from Brazil  approx-2cm x 2cm

-Angelite tumble stone, from India Approx 2cm x 2cm

- 4x small Apricot Agate stones for gridding from Madagascar Approx 1.3cm x 1cm

&Crystals x Diana Cooper- The Angel Attunement box