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Origin- Congo

Chakras-Heart, Higher Heart and Thymus.

Approx size-2mm faceted beads on elastic, one size fits all.


Dioptase is a stone of forgiveness and letting go of past wrongs.


I have been working with dioptase more frequently recently to absorb anger in my body, to help tap onto it and understand it.  It takes me into past life memories to help clear it. Most noteably it is effective on the womb to help us access ancestral trauma.


It will help you come to terms with the fact that whatever anger you are carrying around you will only end up injuring you, rather than the people that you are upset with. It likes to soothe the anger and resentment . 


It shines a light on higher perceptions of certain events that may have led to these feelings, helping you see the bigger picture. If you’ve become hardened by certain emotions and events this crystal can help you to see the joy in things once again.


It supports past life regression, and relieving issues from a past life. It helps us release constraints, and deep subconscious bonds, that we have put on ourselves, through fear or anger about things that happened in the past.  To develop your experience of reincarnation and to access past patterns you could combine it with high vibrational stones like Scolecite and danburite.



it is aligned with the heart chakra, but also with the “thymus” or “high heart chakra,” The thymus chakra is said to be the seat of the soul, and creates a higher consciousness when activated alongside the crown chakra and heart chakra. Work with dioptase on the heart and selenite on the crown to open and bring through insight, connection and higher cosmic frequencies.


When working on the heart it can connect with your true self and soul.


A stone that promotes energy movement, helping you become ‘unstuck’ from people and situations you have found hard to forgive. Resentment can have a huge effect on our soul, a part of our psyche and unconscious mind hold onto these feelings and once built up they take a large part of space in our body that could be used for other things.


It will help you become “unstuck” from the people and situations that you have been having difficulty forgiving, and move on with your life. 


When you are working with Dioptase ask yourself -

 ‘Where in my body am I holding anger’?

And allow its energy to flow there.




Dioptase bracelet- small faceted

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