Size- 7cm x 8.5cm


For a clear quartz skull this one is particulary feminine in energy, with a slight addition of golden healer that gives it this golden glow.   Alot of the skulls coming to me right now are that divine mother energy, bringing the goddess to you. This crystal skull has the over lighting energy of the angels of Purity. She is an angelic connection, taking you up the ith 8th and 9th dimensions where they wait for you for angelic healing. 


They speak of re coding and enhancing DNA structures within you, so this is some deep healing work that will be facilitated over lit by the celestial beings.


When working with her she wishes to assist your crown chakra and above, so plave her at your crown facing you as you lie down. Be prepared for the angelic light she channels and brings.


*Quartz is a power stone and an amazing amplifier. Place it next to any crystal to amplify that stones energy and making sure you program them with intentions.

*It’s a great stone for clarity and connecting to the universe beyond yourself. *Assists you during meditation to reach higher levels of consciousness faster.

*It’s a master healer stone and so full of pure white light, I feel it cuts through any low vibrations instantly, purifying and lifting spirits and the vibrations within your aura and space.

*It is said to increase wisdom and insight.

*Good for psychic development, it holds the frequency of all colors so can be placed on any chakra for healing, It especially works well on the crown.

* Will bring an unlimited potential of growth to your spiritual path.


Clear Quartz Skull

  • This is a stone you can cleanse in any of the normal ways, its dense and hardwaring.


    *Crystals are an aid to healing they should never be used instead of medicine or medical treatment*