Beloved friends,


Do you want to connect with dragon energy, or want to explore it more deeply? 

I am really excited to Journey with you to explore the realms of the dragons.


Where we will be exploring what they are, their frequency, recievng healing from the 3 mightly flame dragons I work with and going on a guided journey to meet your dragons and to do some planitary healing work with them.


I have been working with the dragons for the past 5 years. They came to me through a master crystal dragon that chose me,  one you will meet in the video. He acted as an inner earth gatekeeper to bring through the many dragon tribes for me. I quickly found my guide at that time Merlin (ascended master Saint Germian) was very vocal about dragon energy for me, he taught me in his inner earth schools, he oversees a lot of the dragon tribes, nurturing the fledglings and seeing that their energies go to the right places on this planet. From the beginning I was very close to the inner earth dragons, this opened up to include the more cosmic dragons too and it was through my work with the Magdalene and Christos that their dragons came to me.  Through my experiences and stories I will share how I connect with them and how you can too. Through a guided journey and some useful crystal tips and hints we can't connect into dragon consciousness together.


They are powerful allies for inner healing work, as well as land clearing and gridwork.


we will cover-

*What is Dragon energy is

*How to work with them and harness their energy.

*Their Role in Planetary Grid work.

*Crystals to assist your journey connecting.


Overlighting the session-

Under the guidance of Merlin - Ascended Master Saint Germain. 

Ascended Master Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.


I can already feel them flying in and surrounding us, there are SO many, so I know it will prove to be a highly activating divine transmission. 


**NOTE-- you will be sent the aurio recording to your email attached to the order, within 24hrs of purchase.


We  will be doing some healing grid work with them towards the end of the journey- because, well, it would be rude not to! will will have harnessed and held all this collective energy, this light that can be sent to mother earth and any other planets we will be working with.


Thank you again for you love and support as we walk this path together in light.

YOU are divine,

Infinite love and blessing from my heart to yours,

Katie-Jane xxx

Dragon Workshop