Origin- Madagascar

Chakras- Heart all.


Edenite is a very divine feminine energy, holding the energies of all aspects of the goddess.  She reminds me of the roots of a tree,  full of pulsing light and ancient energy.  She is all about growth and supporting restructuring from the very core. 


 When I first held her her energy came through in a strong pulse out each end of her,  it showed me a white silvery trail of roots coming from her that entered the body moving through the energy body to the physical layer.  Moving through and inside my bones filling them with her light, breaking down barriers and emotions held there. She then moved through the nervous system pushing and lifting energys, at first it felt like I was going through a washing machine but I grew to like the feeling of change and space she was providing within me, I welcomed more to my core, the deepest layer of me.  


She whispers -


'Remember... remember who you are, what you have done and where you have been.  Remember your victories and conquests, your joy and sorrow. For true peace resides in seeing and feeling the spectrum of emotions as you walk on earth. 

You are here to feel it all, to learn how to process and move with it. It is not something you can master in one lifetime that's why you visit often.  Do not hide from your emotions, stand with them and befriend them, they are your allies, they offer you the most growth.  This is why I assist you first through the physical body, then the emotional body, and then I work with you to merge and bring harmony through these layers of you.  You store the deepest of emotions through your organs, your bones and cells.  This is where we begin.


Her pinky, peach colour aligns with the heart especially, so place her to start with there, moving her intuitively to different places, asking her where she wants to focus.

Edenite- small