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Origin- Mexico, lapidated and made in India.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size of beads- 5mms


Stimulates the mind, brings focus, clarity and  balance. 


*Fluorite comes in many colours and is known as the “Genius Stone,” it represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting brain function,  and discernment.


*Fluorite is my favourite focus stone, it cools your energy body down (so good for those fiery types), especially at the crown, helping to create new energetic pathways for energy through the brain/head to help bring clarity to situations.  It increases concentration, and brings balance to your mind, body and spirit.


*It's a huge support to the mind,  helping you to absorb information faster means it is a great stone for anyone studying or who gets easily distracted.


*It will pull your energy back to you, any instances where you feel drained this stone will help you call back all the energy that people may have taken consciously or unconsciously. It also helps to remove cords and to shield against psychic attack.


* Green Fluorite is my favourite focus stone, it cools down the crown and mind, reigning all of your energy in, freezing all the noise around your head and helping to create new pathways for energy,  to bring clarity to situations.


* It works on the mind, and the metal field in a very efficient way- it's a great stone for anyone who is studying or who gets easily distracted.


*It opens the heart in waves, while it's cool energy calms emotional and situations that can arise, grounding that energy down to the earth.


*it brings great inner guidance and the ability to connect with your guides. 


*Great for classes, circles and workshops and it stabilizes group energy, bringing an open, sharing spirit and the willingness to work together.


*I feel this piece holds a lot of the blue ray,  enhancing your spiritual awakening through its connection to the Third Eye Chakra. It heightens intuition, clarity and focus. It has a calming, serene energy that helps with anxiety.


*It's a good tool to remove fear from the third eye, bringing clarity and focus to your inner sight and the way you 'see' and interpret situations.


*Hold it to give yourself a boost of calm clarity, a general positive outlook on whatever the situation.



Fluorite Bracelet

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