I invite you to journey with Ganesha to remove obstacles in your path, Ganesh is the most joyful, happy deity I have had the pleasure to work with, and this healing journey is from his heart.


Whether they are trapped and held emotion’s, past life imprints or soul fragments, he is here to help you witness and clear them. You can do this journey many times and each time find something new to focus on.  The space is held on the higher octaves of light with the energies of the Pledian Star council over lighting with a heart transmission at the end.


You will find his energy moves and supports in accelerating clearing so much will be done in layers at once. If you allow him to move with your heart’s flame, to be one with it, you become Ganesh.


Let yourself express your soul, dance with him, be joyful and find the love in the pieces of you that you are releasing and calling back home to the heart.



This Crystal Journey Includes


A  25 min Audio guided healing journey.

and healing crystal set. The downloadable audio will be sent to you via a link on email within 24hours after purchase.


The 5 Crystals

Raw Green Epidote

Yellow apatite tumble

Golden Healer palm stone

Mini Raw selenite wand

Sunshine Aura Quartz.


Each Crystal comes with an information card.

And Guided crystal layout with them that complements the audio


Healing advice


Please be sure to ground before and after this audio, in the ways that feel good to you, and drink lots of warm water after, I do advise you to journal straight away to document any feelings, symbols and messages that came up for you.



Ganesh Crystal Box- including guided Audio