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Origin- Brazil, lapidated and made in India.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size of beads- Small 4mms


Balancing, sexual power,  purifying your energy body through all layers.


Garnet speaks-

'I come to help take the shackles off the feminine, no more will your womb be a place of sorrow and pain, it will be reborn in the ruby red fires of love, purifcating those parts of you that need to be seen.


I hold a space for you to 'create in love'

through love and with love.

 In the unity of oneness. 


I will hold you up in your shadows and serve as a gateway to the relams of light, so you may release them, as we rise together through the alchmey of the flames of love. Through the portal of the cosmic womb'


*It empowers the heart, removing taboos and inhibitions so that you can align to your truth more deeply.


*A sensual stone that links to the primordial fire energies of earth, it will bring fast change to your life and rapid transformation when committed to working with it and surrendering totally.


*It helps you Purify and Love all parts of yourself and those around you, helping you understand how we are all connected as one.


*I associate this stone with the high priests of all ages, many of them would work with them in their rituals especially in Egypt. It is said to symbolize the Goddess Sekhmet, the goddess of war, but I feel it has  really aligned with goddess Isis, the great mother.


*A stone to really take you deep into shadow work and to help you release it with that same deep understanding.


*It inspires love, helping heal and strengthen the kundalini energy, it balances the sexual power. Helping to enpower you with a gentle fire.


*Its a strong grounding and protecting stone through emotional turmoil or crisis.



Garnet Bracelet.

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