Contents of the box-

Petfied wood slice

Flint tumble stone

Silver leaf jasper tumble stone

Shamanic quartz tumble

Hand carved wolf- can be work as pendent on rope, there is a mix of tigers eye, amethyst, fluorite and ametrine wolf i will be choosing for you, trust that you get the one that wants to be with you :)

3 natural sandalwood incense to burn.

Fat and the moon, mugwort dream weaver mist

All the crystal information cards.

Meditation crystal layout card and shamans prayer.


It was my intention when selecting and working with these stones for them to ground you so deeply to mother earth, to restore balance within, (which is important to have before any spiritual work) and to take you on a journey.  To move your soul through the realms and veils to visit your timelines, past, present or future. To open up a gateway to the inner worlds or indeed the star realms.  


I have selected deeply shamanic stones that I have worked with in the past that I feel induce altered states of awareness to help merge with your energy body and move you to where you need to go, aligning with the intentions you set before the journey. 

 Shamanic quartz is the key to this set and the flint, petrified wood and sliver leaf jasper complement, adding their earthy, balancing and protective energies to your vision.


The first time I worked with flint I sat in a circle of 5 very raw pieces, flint links to fire- the giver of light.  Its a scared stone to many tribes, especially the native Indians who used it in ceremonies.  For me at that time, I was ready and succumbed to this powerful raw energy and I was taken instantly into a deep meditative trance.  I was taken over by the spirit of a native Indian guide who since then has been bringing animals through to me, to sit with.  I created this set in homage to my Native Indian spirit guide Na’tua. To honor him, to honor my galactic shamanic roots, to honor nature, the elements, the earth, spirit and the animals.


Within this attached meditation I create the bridge, the portal for you to go and explore.

 I call on the energies of the wolf, bear and deer to hold you and each box has one of the animal totems that has stepped up to be your gatekeeper on this journey.  The gatekeeper has the role of escorting your safely through dimensions you can call on them before dream state too to help lead you.

Gatekeeper crystal set- The Wolf

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