Origin- The Libyan Desert

Chakras- Higher Heart and Higher chakras.

Approximate size- 3cm x 3cm


*I will hold your name in my heart and choose on for you, unless you contact me and let me know which calls to you*


Galactivations/ illumination/ Expansion/Connection to the the unseen realms and worlds around you.


This cosmic stone is not of this earth and there is much mystery around how it came to be created, it is a rare and hard to find glass substance, mostly formed of silica.   formed 28 million years ago, early man found it and used it as a tool, in some pieces you can see the sharpened edges. Since then it was properly discovered in the 1930's and I believe it is a great gift from the stars that is not tapped into as much as it could be, it is a very galactic stone that when connected with in the right way will bring such an awakening and accelerated growth on your spiritual path.


  • My guides informed me that is was born of Airborne impact is 100,00 times more powerful than an atomic explosion. where higher dimensional blast pierced the 3D realm, sonic waves cut and shattered through, alchemized with the higher frequencies of 9th and 10th dimensional frequency that burned through this atmosphere, and crystallized into matter. They called it a moment of ‘sonic shattering.’


  • The glass is nearly pure silica, which requires temperatures above 1600C to form. That is hotter than any igneous rock on Earth. so it is a stone created by raw alchemy, and brings that potent transformation to you.

  • It is a very Galactic stone, linked to Sirius and Orion, here to bring activations to higher heart and higher chakras. And an influx of cosmic downloads and connection to your star family.

  • It links to waking up your star origins, mission of the overlighting guardians is to reinstate your harmonic DNA structure.

  • it's good for starseeds to feel at home, as they are connected to your star family, which brings comfort.

  • It holds a balance and space within the heart, while you bring down stellar information, in order for it to anchor through you with ease. 


  • It works to Heart-Aligns you to the universal heart and does deep work through the back of heart chambers.

  • Clears inner ears through the third eye- its important for past life support release.

  • In Ancient Egypt it was referred to as ‘The stone of the gods’ and was reserved for Pharaohs. It will bring in strong awakening and remembering to your timelines in ancient egypt to help you connect, empower and release.

  • Its the stone of illumination and inner light, linking to the golden ray- highest vibration the light body can receive.


Golden Libyan Tektite