Country of Origin- Peru

Chakras- Heart, Earth star chakra, Soul star chakra.

Approx Size- 9cm x 6cm



I really believe that Epidote is not of this earth, as it speaks so much of the cosmos and stars, its wish is to help you grounding down and anchoring interstellar frequencies. this is why it connects to the first 2 transpersonal chakras outside of the physical body, the Soul star and Earth star,


Its guardian energy is connected to the Sirians and Arcturian star frequencies who wish to ground their wisdom deep within the earth.   


It is here to activate the earth, and can be used when working with energy grids to enhance protective fields and to boost power points and energetic nodes.


It speaks about the magnetic field often, and how it wishes to align all of creation to the 'Universal breath' of the earth and to bring pulses of electric energy to wake up, other light workers to their missions.


A stone for others and group work as well as personal journeying. A true Earth worker through and through, working with energy grids to enhance protective fields, in a calm clear way that brings a peaceful vibration. She does focus work on clearing toxins from the body and land and balances the meridians of the human body as well as the earths.



Epidote is a stone that increases whatever it touches, it enhances moods and positive feelings but it can just as fast enhance negative feelings and low moods, so be aware of this


*Prehnite fosters a strong sense of trust in Universal Principles.


*It "heal's the Healer,"  and this stone can be used to revitalize your personal healing environment.


*It increases personal power, helps you to say no to unreasonable requests, clears the emotional body, and enhancing your memory.


Green Epidote in Prehnite part carved formation.

  • Crystals are an AID to healing and should never be used instead or in place of any medicine or course of treatment perscribed by a health care profession.