Origin- Wyoming USA

Chakras-BAse, earth star, heart

Size- Approx- 4cm x 3cm

*I will hold you in my heart and choose for you**


I am so excited about these stones, the colour tones and energy in them are amazing, they feel so alive and instantly ground you when you hold them, giving visions of a luscious green leafed forest closing in on you and sweeping you up in their leaves.  As a starseed who likes to escape from this reality at times, as i find it so harsh this is constantly in ym pocket and just holding it makes me smile.  Im siure if you have been drawn to this you are an elemental at heart or have druid past.


The frequency of these Petrified Wood tumbles connects to the Earth Star and base chakras. Holding it helps you ground the energy within your energy fields to the magnetic core of the Earth. Helpign you reclaim and calm scattered energies.


It is a stone to suport anyone feeling stuck,  it bring balance, and helps you to re assess and RE-build your foundations, so then you can launch new goals or take a different path. Its a good stone for anyone wanting to start or try something new but does not have the confidence.  


It takes pleasure guiding tou and help you to connect with your “roots” to gain knowledge and wisdom.  Its a stone to help identify and release deep emotional patterns held and stored in your ancestral line at a cellular level (within your cellular memory) Its good for star seeds or those who find earth a very harsh environment to be in, as it holding the memories and whispers of the past and ancient times helping you connect to the earths physicality, and  3D field.


This stone offers strength and support to the physical body, supporting spine and skeletal issues and general physical stability and healing.






Green Fossil Wood tumble stones