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Origin- Mined in Brazil, lapidated and made in India.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size offaceted beads- Small 1mms


Positivity, Heart opening, Purifying, self confidence.


*Tourmaline balances yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy.


*Transmutes negative to positive


*Supports you to findyour inner self confidence.


*Green tourmaline connects us deeply with the earth, it is a gentle earth healer. It brings such a connection, to all that is, all that you are capable, to your higher self, your guides and the light within. If you are embarking on your psychic journey this is a wonderful supporting stone. A good stone to have with you when journaling.


*Pink tourmaline is a wonderful calming stone, of higher 'lifting' vibration to it soothes anxieties and depression. Bringing deep emotional healing. It helps to settle those suffering from anxiety, or anyone suffering from heavy emotional pain such as heartbreak, grief or depression.


*A very spiritual energy which helps you feel a spiritual sense of love for yourself and those around you.


*Good for healing the heart of shock, confusion, deep emotional suffering, grief and loss.


*It is known to still obsessive thoughts and help you make decisions.


*On the Physical it is said to be good for people with a weak immune system, as it guards it, and strengthens. It will also help relieve exhaustion as it’s so uplifting. It enhances hand and eye coordination and flexibility of the spinal cord.


*It helps identify and clear negative energy within your aura.




Mini Faceted Green Tourmaline Bracelet

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