I created this water activational journey and it was so powerful that i felt i needed to continue to share it for people to connect with the lemurian crystal frequencies and the grids of the earth.


It was a Magical guided journey with crystal singing bowls, light language tones and talk from lemurian, andromeda and the dolphins and aquatic energies of Neptune.  Its for those of you that want to connect deeper to your heart, the energies around you and the earth.  If you have a special call to Lemurian energies and the sea and her creatures then this is for you to experience.


A 1 hour zoom recording will be sent to the email attached to the payment, please allow for 24hour for me to get this emailled to you as if you are purchasing from a different contry the timezones may differ.


it starts 5 mins in, and at the end there is a bit of group chat regarding the countries and land that were visited. 


What to work with for the video-


*A lemurian crystal with you, if you don't have one, a clear quartz point is fine as we will all be tuning into the crystal i have here too.  

*Any crystal skulls you have.

*a nice grounding crystal to assist in anchoring you through light activations as we will be flying high and in many dimensions at once.  Anything you love working with, something black, brown or red.

*A journal.

*A candle (matches to light)


*Please ensure you are in a comfortable space to lie back and relax as you are guided through your journey, a blanket as sometimes when energy is transmuting it gets cold.


Important note- 

Please have lots of water to hand to drink after and be aware that light language, especially this much is highly activating so it's important you give yourself time after to be still, release, and rest to integrate.  



So much love!

Katie-Jane xx

Guided Journey with Lemurian Quartz + planetary gridwork