Chakras- Heart, Root chakra.

Approx Size- 9.5cm x 2.5cm


Strength and Endurance, protection and de-toxification.


*Each piece has a beautful depth of green and red colours, I will hold your name in my heart and one will choose you*


(Heliotrope) may be classified as a Jasper or Chalcedony variety of Quartz, these towers vary slightly in vibration to the bloodystone jasper wands as they are more of a lighter vibration, these have more watery chalcedony in them, to support and hold your varing emotions.


Jasper has been speaking to me so sweetly through the crystalline grids for the collective at this time, it’s so mystical and strong, you will see many jaspers on my website alongside this listing, all wishing to bring strength and vitality to your core art this changeable time that's set to knock us off balance energetically,  especially in relation to the pandemic,  This stone wishes to support the blood, it wishes to stabilize blood cells on the physical level,  to bring in a grounding action an earthing feeling to the blood, to offer up a space for the blood and cells to shed and re-birth themselves safely.


Through the legends behind it and its name it is of course connected to blood, but also detoxification of organs, this use dates back to five thousand years to the Mesopotamian cultures who used it for this service work on the body. I was dipped in cold water and placed on the body to aid circulation and transfer its power and prevent injury or disease.


It wishes to slow un-harmonious currents through the body down connected to the collective fears circulating within you, to slow them down and ground them in their earthy light so much through your root that they become unable to move and fall away easily, energetically Jasper will dissolve and help the 'renewal' process of cells.


It speaks of  de-stigmatizing people's thoughts and judgements, taking away shame or disgrace from people who are holding fears that they are just not aware of.


It is a stone stepping forward for the 'NOW', for the light workers that are struggling to see through the denseness in the collective, for those that need deep, solid healing, and for those doing the deep work on blood lines, ancestry and karmic clearing. The world has gone more than a little crazy and we are needed to root in the stillness through our core, not just for us but to hold future timelines of peace and 'choice' for others. and Jasper will help us at our lower chakras to do just that.


Work with this piece to flow its deep green and red energy directly into your chakra centers, or anywhere you need a refresh, calling and welcoming its nurturing earth swirl of energy in to move where it needs to go at this time. It is carved into a healing want that is perfect to use on others too in reiki or multidimensional healing work.


The ancients considered this stone the most beautiful of all the Jaspers, first referred to as 'sun stone' and later 'Christ stone' Its energy is all the purity of blood,  it speaks of life and birth, vitality and strength.


It is an ancient  talisman for protection and nurturing, so it steps forward to deeply ground the energetic and physical but also to hold you and your physical body in such a strong protective light at this time. It was known by the ancient to warn of danger and banish negativity and dark spirits.


Bloodstone is wishing to help deflect bullying, pressure from you, threatening voices and judgment.  That you may have been or come into contact with more recently. Wear or carry it to protect you from these destructive projections from others.


Heliotrope/Bloodstone Jasper Towers