Origin- himalayan mountains

Chakras- Crown and higher chakras.

Size- approx -6cm x 3 cm

*I have 4 avaliable and i will hold your name in my heart and choose for you.


Key words- illlumination//Trauma release


This quartz has a unique grounding and stabilizing effect on the light body, allowing you to really slow down. It is perfect for some one with a racing mind with so many ideas, it encourages you to pause and brings stillness to the mental field. 


It is a high vibration that bring's enlightenment and even though it means buisness with its pin pointing trauma through all layers of the emotional body, it asists the emotional releas eby cooling down and calming the energy so that you release in a gentle way. Its a good stone for these times of deep transformation.


Its got incredible cool energy to calm you down and bring focus to the present moment, really good for bring balance to a firey personality, or to just being more calm and serenity to you and your space.


It was discovered in 2006 as the Himalayan glaciers began to melt away and deplete due to global warming, they were found,

due to this, another name given to this crystal is also ‘ice quartz’, especially the pieces that look very similar to strangely-formed samples of ice.


They are potent ascension tools, pinpointing trauma in the emotional body to release, 


It says to me, when you give yourself the opportunity to see your hurts and sit with them, you can transform them with love. And in love there is no space for the lower vibration of fear, so it dissolves.   His message is simple- Love it into completion, I will guide you, aligning you to the universal energies of love.



Nirvana Ice quartz