Chakra- Crown and Third Eye.
Origin- Ace Of Diamonds mine,  New York USA

Size-5.5cm x 4cm


Key notes-

Purification and resurrection, connecting with the divine healer within, commitment to growth, shifting consciousness


A stone of infinite light that comes to you to open you up to all realms and dimensions, to your true divine abilities. Its vibration is high and energy is a strong unwavering current. Herkimers are the ultimate healing tool to be placed on the heart chakra and above, they are generally known for their water clear look and pure energy that enhances other stones.   This piece is from the famous Ace of diamonds mine in New york which is known for its quality and clarity of its stones, the lovely crystal has a rainbow in the center to work with, channeling it up and into your body adds a magical element and quality to the healing you do with it.


The land she was found on in Herkimer county, Upstate New york, was the land of the Mohawk indians, native to the area and the protectors of this energy, they were known as the ‘People of the crystals’. Their energy feels present still protecting them to this day, there is a harmonious ancient earth resonance communicating through her and her 400 million years of wisdom. A calm knowing and connection to the earth and all her creatures that when holding her in your heart you can tune into.


A glorious stone of inner light and grace, or should we say, she has chosen you, she asks you for more devotion and dedication to your practice and the more that you show and surrender to her the more she deepens her connection. It is a partnership after all, she reminds you that the more you put into your spiritual practice, the more you get out.  


It will show you your inner light, at times we need reminding how bright we are, situations can wear us down and we can doubt and question ourselves.  She amplifies your heart's fire and reflects such vast light on you, that it is hard to ignore.  And why should you, your light is glorious, vibrant and pure, she helps you see your essence and reminds you of the bliss within you. She will purify your energy field and attune you to the white light of the divine essence. This brings Harmony to your space and heart, she is a master at this, holding space within and around you for realizations.  

She is the crystal of the mineral kingdom that will ‘Give’ an abundance of light so effortlessly.  Meditate and journey with her as she brings this connection to higher consciousness and opens you up in such a way that enhance your clairvoyant (clear vision) and clairaudio (clear hearing)  


*This stone is so powerful to speed up and self healing work you are doing.

*My personal power stone, This stone has some gorgeous rainbow incursions that reflect even more light. I have my Herkimer with me during all my healings as it is an amplifier. It’s double terminated, radiating and transmitting pure light but also receiving and amplifying any energy, including yours. great for energy work or reiki healers.

*This stone helps you attune to another person, group or environment.

* Good for healing environments, as its high frequency, purity and clarity remove energy blocks and psychic debris. It helps stimulate healing by increasing the amount of Light energy your body can hold.

*It clears the chakras, opening channels for spiritual energy to flow. It is particularly helpful in activating and opening the Crown and Third Eye Chakra.


Herkimer Diamond-A

  • You can use any cleansing methods on this stone.


    **Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.